How to do KYC Of PAYTM

What is KYC

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. The aim of doing KYC  is to prevent banks from being used unintentionally or for the wrong purpose.

Need of KYC

As per the guidelines of RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) all customer of any wallet or bank who want to use for higher balance (Limit will increases) for sending money or for another purpose.

Visit the below link to complete your Paytm KYC now.

Complete Paytm KYC



What are the different ways to do KYC

1.   Self KYC (Aadhar + OTP)

2.   Doorstep KYC

3.   Nearby KYC Centre


1.Self KYC (Aadhar + OTP)

Aadhar based KYC will be completed in 2 min. It is completely a paperless KYC.

  • Open Paytm app.
  • Click KYC on blue strip.
  • Enter your Aadhar number and Name.
  • Enter the OTP sent to your registered mobile number that is linked with UIDAI.
  • Now confirm your identity.
  • Fill the given form that consists of your personal details.
  • You have now done your KYC.


2.Doorstep KYC

Aadhar based KYC will be completed in 2 min.

You can choose this method when your mobile number is not registered with UIDAI or the number is registered is lost or in any other case. Simply you have to select Doorstep KYC in Paytm and book an appointment according to your suitable time. A Paytm agent will come to your address and collect the relevant data and your KYC will be done as soon as possible. You can show any government registered documents for KYC



3.Nearby KYC Centre

This process is also useful if we are not able to do KYC itself. Simply open the paytm app and locate the nearby KYC center, after that visit the nearest KYC center with relevant documents to get your KYC done.



1.   All the above methods of doing KYC is absolutely free.

2.   After KYC our limit will increase to 1lac.

Visit this link to know how one can complete the KYC of PhonePe

How To Complete PhonePe KYC 



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