Samsung Galaxy Note 9 With KILOGRAM Of Gold On Rear Panel

Did you imagine that one day a phone will come having approximately 1 kg of Gold on the back of the smartphone? It looks weird but actually Caviar version of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 laden with 1 kg of Gold on its back.

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Who is Caviar:

Caviar is a Russian based online boutique company famous for making extraordinary expensive smartphones and accessories. They think that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has low price phone and then they decided to make it more expensive.
Those people who aren’t satisfied with the normal price of Samsung Galaxy Note 9 of with its low price (original price of Samsung galaxy note 9) then they can buy it.
The actual price of galaxy note 9 is approx Rs68,000 for 128gb and Rs85,000 for 512 GB variant.
But the twist comes in this model that there is no change in its specification only the 1 kg of gold is mounted on it and the price is Rs40.6 lakhs for 128 GB variant and Rs40.8 lakhs for 256 GB variant.

Main highlights

1. Only the backside appearance is wrapped with the 1 kg of gold.
2. The rear panel of galaxy note 9 has the words Fine Gold 999.9.

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