WhatsApp backup stop counting toward google drive storage

Good news for those people who use google drive for WhatsApp chat back up. After 12 November 2018, the storage of google drive will not count the WhatsApp chat back up.

Why use google drive:

Because in the online platform Google is the best service provider in everything. So many people used Google services mostly. Google provides 15 GB of cloud storage is free.
Earlier if we stored WhatsApp backup on google drive it counts from the 15 GB of cloud storage.
Let us assume if the size of WhatsApp chat backup is 3.3GB than the free space in google drive is (15-3.3)GB that is 11.7GB.
But after 12 November it does not count from the total storage

Benefits of doing WhatsApp backup:

  1. Easy recoverable in case of loss of mobile and formatting of the device.
  2. No need for internal storage.
  3. Hassle free experience: Moving the WhatsApp data from old phone to new phone.
  4. No data loss if you make your WhatsApp chats backup.



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