UIDAI Aadhaar Face Recognition

The Unique Identification Authority Of India (UIDAI), the Aadhaar is issued by the UIDAI, has made a mandatory process of face recognition for Telecom services from 15th September 2018. This will be only for Telecom Services from 15th September 2018. Basically, it is an additional way of authentication for verifying a person is the same as mentioned in the Aadhar or not.
The UIDAI had earlier planned to launch these features from 1 July 2018. But due to some problems the date was extended for the next months that is in August 2018. Now it will appear as a mandatory option from 15 September 2018.
This process is delayed because of not all Aadhar Authentication User Agencies are ready to use this device for face recognition. But now it will be live from 15 September 2018.

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Need Of Face Recognition

Nowadays Data is very important for everyone so to enhance security level UIDAI will introduce new security methods. Nowadays during purchasing a new SIM Card, we have to give our Aadhaar Number as well as Fingerprint for an authentic purpose. But from 15 September 2018, an additional feature of Face Recognition will be added during purchasing a new Sim Card.
This can be implemented as the service provider will have to take the photo of the person from the Registered Device who want to buy a Sim Card and then send this information to complete the process. The service provider has to store the photo of the customer and secure the photo present in the database of person will be matched to the photo captured by the device.

Benefits Of Face Recognition

1. Security level will be increased.
2. Easy integration Process.
3. High Accuracy Rates.

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