NASA’s lunar scientist have confirmed the presence of water on the moon’s surface in the form of patches of ice deposited in the darkest & coldest reaches of its polar regions. NASA administrator JUM BRIDENSTINE renewed sustainable human exploration of the moon. Jim Bridenstine confirmed the news infamous T.V show interview in Washington on Tuesday. Scientist of NASA believes the life in moon & now it has been confirmed by the news of the presence of water on the lunar surface. Presence of water will be a valuable resource not only for drinking but also for producing fuel & oxygen to breath. But now it is not clear how much water is present on the lunar surface. The newly confirmed frozen water is concentrated at both the poles, where the temperature never rises higher than minus 250° Fahrenheit. According to NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE concluded that water is likely widespread within the moon’s rocky interior in a concentration ranging from 64 parts per billion to 5 parts per million.

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