How To Use WhatsApp Web In PC/Laptop

WhatsApp is one of the best Messaging apps all over the world and is continuously growing and growing. It has the great features that we can use our WhatsApp on the web that is on our laptop as well as on our pc.

How To Use WhatsApp In Pc/Laptop

There are several steps to be followed for using the WhatsApp on the web. So be ready to do this. Just follow the below steps.

  • Firstly visit this link WhatsApp Web in your Pc/Laptop.
  • After that, a page will appear showing a QR code.
QR Code


  • Now open the WhatsApp in your mobile and click on the Three dots at the top right corner.
Tap On 3 Dots


  • Now click on WhatsApp Web.
Tap On WhatsApp Web


  • A new interface will open that is showing to scanning something.


  • Now scan the QR code from your Mobile that is showing in your PC/Laptop. It will look like this.
Scanning QR Code Through Mobile.


  • Now after a successful scanning, an interface like this will open. That means you have successfully logged in to web.whatsapp.


Successful Login.


Benefits Of WhatsApp Web

  • We can use it on the web that means in our PC/Laptops.
  • No need to download any application.
  • Runs on any Browser.


Disadvantages Of WhatsApp Web

  • WhatsApp web has no use when either one of them from Pc/Laptop has no internet.
  • Not able to Create a new account.
  • Not able to create a new group.

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