YouTube Offline? What Is It And How To Offline Any Videos

YouTube launched its offline features in 2014 for Android and iOS users to save YouTube videos for viewing it after some time. It is best for everyone whose internet is slow and watches YouTube videos with buffer and of low quality. With the help of this feature, we can view any YouTube videos without buffering as well as great video quality.

How To Save/Offline Any Videos From YouTube

There are several steps to be followed for offline videos on YouTube for watching it later. Simply follow the below steps to gain this technique. Hope you will get it.


  • Firstly launched the YouTube app on your mobile phone.
Launch The App And Search Anything.


  •  Select the video you wish to Offline.
Select Videos.


  • Click on Download to Offline the video.
Click Download.


  • When your video is downloaded you can watch it in the Library at the bottom right.
Click on Library To See The Offline Videos.

Benefits of YouTube Offline

  • The best use of YouTube Offline is when we don’t have an internet connection still.
  • We can watch offline (Pre-downloaded) videos.
  • We can stay away from Buffering Videos.

Disadvantages of YouTube Offline

  • We cannot offline every video.
  • This feature supports Ads.

Hope you Enjoyed this

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