How to pay to Paytm merchant

In this post, we can learn how to send or pay to any merchant through paytm. It’s a very easy task to do this, but sometimes it will not easy for many reasons. But don’t worry you can get it in a very simple way by following the various steps. So let’s move one step ahead to get this technique.

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Ways of sending money to Paytm Merchant

  • Using QR Code


Using QR Code

  • First of all launch the Paytm app in your mobile, ensure that you have logged in your Paytm wallet if not then login first.


  • After that Click on Pay at the Top Left Corner.


Tap Pay


  • Now a screen will appear that showing scanning something.


Scanning QR Code


  • Now Place Merchant QR Code in front of the camera.


Merchant QR Code


  • After a successful scan, a screen will appear that showing the merchant details. Enter the amount you wish to pay and Tap on Pay Securely.


Enter Amount


  • After that payment Confirmation will appear.


Paid Successfully

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