What is TCS? How To Download TCS Hall Ticket?

TCS stands for Tata Consultancy Services Limited is an Indian Company. It is a Consulting company whose headquarters is located in Mumbai. TCS is helping students to create their bright futures. TCS is a top employee globally having approximately 400,000 employees in various countries.

How To Download TCS Hall Ticket?

The simple way to get your TCS Ninja Hall ticket is from your registered email id. The email id you used for registering on TCS, you will receive your Hall Ticket on that Email Id.

There are two ways to Download your TCS Hall Ticket

  1. From Registered Email Id

This mail you will receive on your Registered Email Id

Mail From TCS

2. Directly From The Websites

You can simply visit the TCS websites for downloading your Hall Ticket. Here we will tell you how to do this. Just follow the below steps to get your hall ticket.

  • Click on this link (TCS Login Page) it will directly land you to the login page.
Login Page


  • After that enter your References ID and Date Of Birth.
  • Select your assesment and download your Hall Ticket.
Download Hall Ticket


What Happens When You Cleared Your Written Exams

First Of All Congratulations for clearing the TCS National Qualifier Test.

As you have cleared your Written Exam you will receive an Email from TCS that you have cleared your TCS National Qualifier Test and are one step closer to being a part of the TCS Family!.


Congratulations! Be Prepared For Interview

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