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What Happen When We Blocked Someone On WhatsApp

How To Block Someone On WhatsApp

To block someone on WhatsApp you need to follow several below steps. Don’t worry, each and every step are described below for your convenience.

Step 1: First, open the WhatsApp on your phone.

Step 2: Open the Contacts which you want to Block on WhatsApp.

Step 3: After that Tap on 3 dots at the Top Right Corner.

Open The Chats to block
Open The Chats To Block

Step 4: Tap on More at the bottom.

Tap on more
Tap On More

Step 5: Block options will appear Tap on that.

Tap On Block
Tap On Block

Step 6: After that Tap on Block to blocked that person successfully.

Tap On Block To Confirm.

What Happens When We Block Someone On WhatsApp

  1. The person will not able to send the message. If He or She will try to send the message the message will send but we did not receive that message.
  2. He or She not able to see our Profile Picture(DP).
  3. He or She not able to see our Last Seen.
  4. He or She not able to call us on WhatsApp.
  5. He or She not able to video call us on WhatsApp.
  6. He or She not able to see our About.
  7. He or She not able to see our WhatsApp Status.
  8. He or She not able to see Read Receipts.

Note: Our chat history will be cleared (If We Report And Block).

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do double blue ticks for seen in message info of WhatsApp mean that I have not blocked by someone?

If your message is getting blue ticks it clears that the message is read by the receiver and you are not blocked on WhatsApp.

How can I block someone’s WhatsApp status?

As of now, you cannot block someone WhatsApp status. But you can follow the below steps through which you can achieve this in an indirect way.

  1. Mute WhatsApp status.
  2. Block

How do I stop someone from sending WhatsApp message without blocking him, also he should not know I read his message?

As of now, there is no option to stop someone from sending a message to you.

It is possible only when you block that person.

Coming to another part you can disable the Read Receipt so that someone will not be able to see that whether you read the message or not.

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3 thoughts on “What Happen When We Blocked Someone On WhatsApp

    1. As of now, it is not possible to recover the chat if you report and block someone. But if you have a backup of the chat before report and block then only you can use that backup to recover. Hope this will help you.

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