Driving License Appointment (Slot Booking)

Do you know how to book driving license appointment online if not then you are at the right place? Now days driving a bike or car are very famous, but the fact is you cannot drive the vehicle without having the driving license. If you are driving your vehicle without having a driving license then you have to pay fine for that.

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Step By Step Guide For Driving License Appointment (Slot Booking)

You can book your Appointment from Parivahan website. You can easily book an appointment by following the below steps.

Step 1: First of all, visit the Official Website of Parivahan (Book Appointment). This will look like this.

parivahan homepage
Official Website Of Parivahan Sewa.

Step 2: Now tap on Driving License Related Services Online Service.

Driving License Related Service
Tap On Online Services.

Step 3: After that select the State.

State For Driving License
Select the State.

Step 4: After that Tap on Appointments (Slot Booking).

Appointments (Slot Booking)
Tap On Appointments (Slot Banking).

Step 5: After that Tap on Driving Skill Test.

Slot Booking for driving license
Tap On Driving Skill Test.

Step 6: Now that you have to click Slot Booking.

Slot boooking
Tap On Slot Booking.

Step 7: Tap on DL Test Slot Booking under Slot Booking.

Tap On DL Test Slot Booking.

Step 8: Now Select The Application Number Or Learner License Number from which you can book your Slot or Appointment.

Now Select The Application Number Or Learner License Number.

Step 9: Fill the necessary details to proceed.

Fill The Details.

Step 10: Now you can see your basic details.

See Your Basic Details.

Step 11: Select the type of license or type of Vehicles for which you want to book your appointment.

Type of driving license
Select Type Of License Or Vehicles

Step 12: Select the Date for which you want to book the appointment.

Appointment date for dl test
Select Date.

Step 13: After that select the Slot.

Time slots for driving license
Select The Time Slot.

Step 14: Now confirm your appointment by tapping the Confirm To Slot Booking.

Confirm Your Appointment.

Step 15: Your slot is booked now and now you can print your Appointment Slip.

Print Your Appointment.

Flow Of Getting Driving License In India

  1. Apply Driving License Online
  2. Driving License Payment
  3. Book Driving License Appointment (Slot Booking)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I apply for my driving License test?

Now days driving a bike or car are very famous, but the fact is you cannot drive the vehicle without having the Driving License. If you are driving your vehicle without having a driving license then you have to pay fine for that. It is also very necessary to have a driving license for various purposes. You can also use it as your ID Proof. Step by step guide to Apply Driving License Online.

How can I pay my driving License online?

First, you have to make payment for driving license appointment. After that, book your Appointment from Parivahan website.  you need to pay the amount for your appointment. You can see how to make payment for that. You can easily make by following the described steps.

How can I get duplicate RC?

Duplicate RC is the same as your original RC which you get at the time of buying your vehicle. It is essential to carry your RC while driving. But what if you lost your RC or stolen by someone. You don’t need to worry about it i am here to help you to get your RC online with the step by step guide.

Before moving to the steps required to get your duplicate RC (Registration Certificate) first dive into what is RC. If you have prior knowledge of RC than you can proceed to the main step to apply duplicate RC online whether it is for two or four-wheeler. If you lost your RC then don’t worry follow some steps to recover your RC.

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