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Book Driving License Appointment (Slot Booking)

You can book your Appointment from Parivahan website. The link is given below. You can easily book an appointment by following the below steps.

Step 1: First of all, visit the Official Website of Parivahan (Book Appointment). This will look like this.

Official Website Of Parivahan Sewa.

Step 2: Now tap on Driving License Related Services Online Service.

Tap On Online Services.

Step 3: After that select the State.

Select the State.

Step 4: After that Tap on Appointments (Slot Booking).

Tap On Appointments (Slot Banking).

Step 5: After that Tap on Driving Skill Test.

Tap On Driving Skill Test.

Step 6: Now that you have to click Slot Booking.

Tap On Slot Booking.

Step 7: Tap on DL Test Slot Booking under Slot Booking.

Tap On DL Test Slot Booking.

Step 8: Now Select The Application Number Or Learner License Number from which you can book your Slot or Appointment.

Now Select The Application Number Or Learner License Number.

Step 9: Fill the necessary details to proceed.

Fill The Details.

Step 10: Now you can see your basic details.

See Your Basic Details.

Step 11: Select the type of license or type of Vehicles for which you want to book your appointment.

Select Type Of License Or Vehicles

Step 12: Select the Date for which you want to book the appointment.

Select Date.

Step 13: After that select the Slot.

Select The Time Slot.

Step 14: Now confirm your appointment by tapping the Confirm To Slot Booking.

Confirm Your Appointment.

Step 15: Your slot is booked now and now you can print your Appointment Slip.

Print Your Appointment.

Flow Of Getting Driving License In India

  1. Apply Driving License Online
  2. Driving License Payment
  3. Book Driving License Appointment (Slot Booking)

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I pay my driving Licence online?

First, you have to book your Appointment from Parivahan website. After that, you need to pay the amount for your appointment. You can see how to make payment for that. You can easily make payment for driving license appointment by following the described steps.

Does Google pay transfer instantly?

Yes, the amount will be credited instantly. Whether you choose to send money with account details or directly by contact number. You can send money from various accounts by single Google Pay. You can do this by adding or link more than one account on Google Pay.

Is there any charges for Paytm KYC? Benefits of Paytm KYC.

There are no charges for doing KYC. It is totally free of cost to complete the Paytm KYC. There are lots of benefits to complete your Paytm KYC. You can check it out here all the benefits of Paytm KYC.

  1. You can transfer money to anyone after completing the Paytm KYC.
  2. Your wallet limits can be increased after completing the Paytm KYC.
  3. The limit can be extended up to 1 Lac.
  4.  If you have completed your Full KYC then you are eligible to open a Paytm Payment Bank account.

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