Recharge Metro Card From PhonePe Or Online

Learn how to recharge Metro Card from the PhonePe app. In this post, we can see how to recharge any metro card from PhonePe or online. So just follow the below steps to do it.Download PhonePe From Here (PhonePe)

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Step By Step Guide To Recharge Metro Card From PhonePe

Step 1: First of all, launch the PhonePe application on your phone. ensure that you have logged into the PhonePe wallet. Now tap on Apps to see available services.

Open The PhonePe Application.

Step 2: Tap on Metro among the various services.

Tap On Metro
Select The Metro

Step 3: Now enter your Smart Card Number.

Enter The Details Of Smart Card Number.

Step 4: After that select the amount which you want to recharge and select the Payment Options. In this, we see the Payment from UPI.

Enter The Amount.

Step 5: Now enter the UPI ID to complete your Payment.

Enter Your UPI Id.

Step 6: Now your transaction is successfully completed.

Transaction Successful.

Note: After a successful transaction, you have to tap on Automatic Vending Machine (AVM) at any Metro Station to credit the amount to your Smart Card.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I put money on my Metrocard?

You can use various websites or applications which are available to recharge metro card online. They are easy to use and one of them is described above from which you can recharge Delhi Metro card online. You can also use Paytm to recharge your metro card.

How do I check how much is on my Metrocard?

As of now, there are no options from which you can check your metro card balance online. To check the available balance in your metro card you need to visit the nearest metro station and use the AVM(Automatic Vending Machine).

Can I load my metro card online?

Yes, you can recharge your metro card online. But this is the only one step you need to do a second step which is Top-Up at the metro station. After a successful transaction, you have to tap on Automatic Vending Machine (AVM) at any Metro Station to credit the amount to your Smart Card.

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