How To Gift Paytm Gold And Their Features

In this post, we can see how we can gift Paytm gold to someone from our Gold Balance. It is an easy process to send our gold to someone. Just follow the below steps to learn how we can gift our gold to someone. I love using Paytm, it’s simple and incredible. You should try it here Download Paytm

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Step By Step Guide To Gift Paytm Gold

Step 1: First of all launch the Paytm App on your phone. Ensure that you have logged into your Paytm Wallet.

Step 2: After that find the option of Gold and tap on it.

Tap On Gold.

Step 3: Now a screen will appear that will show Gift option at the top of the screen.

Tap On Gift.

Step 4: Now that you have to enter the Contact Number of the person and the amount of gold either in grams or in rupees you want to gift to the person.

Enter The Contact Details And The Amount Of Gold.

Step 5: Now you have to enter your Pin Code for moving to another step.

Enter Your Pin Code.

Step 6: Now the entered amount of gold will show and the contact number. After verifying it tap on proceed.


Step 7: Now a screen will show that your enter amount of gold is successfully gifted to the given contact number.

Successfully Gifted To The Given Contact Number.

Features Of Buying Paytm Gold

  1. The live rate of Gold for buying and selling is valid for up to 5 minutes.
  2. One can buy gold of worth Rs1.
  3. One can buy a gold maximum of 50 gm.
  4. Paytm provides two gold providers. One is MMTC-PAMP having 99.99% of purity while other is AUGMONT gold having 99.90% of purity.
  5. Paytm provides 24 Karat Gold.
  6. You can sell the Gold after purchasing the gold.
  7. You can sell your gold from Paytm and get the amount in Your Bank Account.
  8. You can also deliver that gold to your address by providing some charges.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can we sell gold in Paytm?

Paytm users can now purchase, sell and gift the gold. We can sell Paytm gold online from our Gold Balance and then send that money to our bank account. It is an easy process to sell our gold to online. o follow some basic steps to sell Paytm Gold.

What is KYC in Paytm?

KYC stands for Know Your CustomerThe aim of doing Paytm KYC is to prevent banks from being used unintentionally or for the wrong purpose. As per the guidelines of RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) all customer of any wallet or bank who want to use for higher balance (Limit will increases) for sending money or for another purpose. There are several steps which are to be followed for complete your Paytm KYC.

How to log into my Paytm account if I forget the password?

If you forgot your Paytm password and not able to remember the password then don’t worry here we can see how one can recover Paytm password by following the several steps. It’s a very simple step.

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