Pay Electricity Bill From Amazon

How To Pay Electricity Bill From Amazon?

In this post, we can see how we can use Amazon for paying our bills. We can also recharge a mobile number with the help of Amazon. Below are the various services that we can use from Amazon.

  1. Mobile Recharge
  2. DTH
  3. Electricity
  4. Landline
  5. Broadband
  6. Gas

Just follow the below-mentioned steps to pay your Electricity Bill from Amazon. In this post, we are paying the Electricity Bill in Amazon Application.

  • First of all, launch the Amazon application on your phone. Ensure that you have logged in your Amazon account.
  • Go below and you will see the recharge sections that consists of various recharge options you have to select the Pay Bills.
Tap On Pay Bills
  • Under this, you have to tap on Electricity Bills.
Tap On Electricity Bills
  • Now you have to Select your State, Electricity Board and CA(Consumer Number) and tap on Fetch Bill to know your bill statement.
Enter CA Number
  • After this step, you will get your Bill amount linked to the entered CA(Consumer Number) and also you can see the Due Date of your Bill and tap on Continue To Pay for further steps.
Tap On Continue To Pay
  • After this, you have to select the Payment Method through which you can pay your electricity bill.
Select Your Payment Method
  • Now you have to select your Billing Address.
Select Your Billing Address
  • Tap on Place Order to complete this transaction. After successful payment, your bill will be paid to your Electricity Service Provider.
Tap On Place Order
  • Your bill has been Successfully Paid and it will take 2-3 days to confirm your payment.
Bill Has Been Successfully Paid

You can also pay your Electricity bill from below websites. go and check it out!

Electricity Bill From Nikki

Electricity Bill From PhonePe

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