Loot Get Rs 25 From SHAREit

How To get Rs 25 From SHAREit In Your Bank Account?

SHAREit is now offering Rs 25 cash back in your account by performing first UPI transaction on SHAREit. Yes, you heard right SHAREit is giving Rs 25 cash back by performing first UPI transaction on SHAREit. So in this, I will teach or tell you how you can claim that Rs 25 cashback by performing the first UPI transaction from SHAREit. So without wasting time just follow the below steps to get Rs 25 direct in your bank account.

Steps For Getting Rs 25 From SHAREit In Your Bank Account

It consists of several steps through which anyone can get Rs 25 in your bank account directly.

Step 1: First of all, launch the SHAREit application on your phone.

Step 2: After that Tap On Three Dots at the top left corner in SHAREit.

Tap On Three Dots.

Step 3: Now you will see the option of My Payment tap on it. Ensure that you have logged into your SHAREit application to perform this action.

Tap On My Payment.

Step 4: Now in this step, you have to add your Bank Account to perform this actions. It will take not more than 1 minute to add your Bank account in the SHAREit application.

Step 5: Now enter your Mobile Number to get OTP through this the bank account linked to your Mobile Number will appear on the screen, after successful verification of your Mobile Number.

Enter Mobile Number To Verify It.

Step 6: Now select your Bank Account to verify it successfully. After this step now you can initiate your First UPI transaction from SHAREit application to get Rs 25 Cash Back.


Step7: This is the last step for adding your bank account.

Step 8: Now you can Start A Transaction to get Rs 25 Cash Back directly in your Bank Account by sending minimum of Rs 1 to your friends account.

Tap On Send Money.

Step 9: Now a screen will appear in which you have to enter the BHIM UPI ID of your friends and the amount which you want to send to your friend.


Step 10: After this step, a screen will appear that will show the amount which you want to transfer and the account from which the amount will be transferred. Also, you can see the Get 25RS CASHBACK

Pop Up Of Get 25RS CASHBACK.

Step 11: After that tap on Proceed To Pay successfully complete the transaction and also you will get Rs 25 cash back in your account.

Transaction Successful.

Step 12: Now all the steps are completed you will receive your money in your Bank Account in 7 Days.


Payment Proof:

You can see I get my rs 25 cashback from SHAREit in my Bank Account.

Payment Proof


  1. You will eligible only for the First UPI transaction from the SHAREit.
  2. You have to Send a minimum of Rs 1 to be eligible for getting Rs 25 as cashback in your account.
  3. Your amount will be credited within 7 days to your linked Bank Account.
  4. Offer Duration is from October.24th, 1:30 pm- November 4th, 11:59 pm, 2018.
  5. In a Transfer deal, you have to send the money, requesting money is not eligible for getting the Cashback.
  6. It can only be redeemed once.

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