Make WhatsApp Account In Jio Phone

WhatsApp is most use messaging services worldwide and now Reliance Jio has also launched WhatsApp officially for its Jio Phone. So now we can see how we can register or make Whatsapp Account in the Jio Phone. There are several basic steps to register or make WhatsApp Account.

For this firstly you have to install the WhatsApp in your Jio Phone, go through the below link to learn how you can install WhatsApp in Jio Phone.

Install WhatsApp In Jio Phone

How To Make A WhatsApp Account In Jio Phone

There are some basics steps you need to follow to create a WhatsApp account in Jio Phone.

Step 1: First of all, unlock your phone and tap on the Menu button to access the full menu.



Step 2: After that search the WhatsApp in your menu and tap on WhatsApp.

Tap On WhatsApp.


Step 3: Now a screen will appear that will show Terms & Policy and an Agree. Tap on Agree to proceed.

Tap on Agree.


Step 4: After that, you have to Enter Your Mobile Number and verify it by tapping on Next.

Enter Your Mobile Number.


Step 5: Now WhatsApp will send an OTP to your mobile which you have entered. Also, you can check your number if there is any mistake you can change it by tapping on Edit.

WhatsApp will send an OTP


Step 6: Now an OTP will come to your mobile number which you have entered. You don’t have to type your OTP it will auto-fetch the OTP from the message you received from the WhatsApp.

Enter The OTP.


Step 7: After verifying it with the OTP a screen will appear in which you have to Enter Your Name that will be displayed on your WhatsApp.

Enter Your Name.


Step 8: Now you have successfully registered with the WhatsApp.

Successfully Registered.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can we see anyone’s WhatsApp status without showing to them?

Yes, we can see someone WhatsApp status without showing them. Also by this method, the person will not get to know you save their status.

How do I turn on 2 step verification on WhatsApp?

Two-Step Verification is a process by which the user has to require two steps (method) to verify itself from preventing any unauthorized access to the account as it adds up a layer of extra protection to the account. By enabling this we can access our account only after the successful. If you enable Two-Step Verification in WhatsApp you need to verify yourself by the following two way

  1. OTP(One Time Password): You need to provide the OTP at the time of registration of your WhatsApp account.
  2. 6 Digit Passcode: It is another layer of security. You will only allow accessing your account after providing the 6 digit passcode.

How can I send WhatsApp message to my own number?

If you want to message yourself in WhatsApp then there are various methods available. But do you think why you need this? Is it benefits for you or not. Don’t worry we will be going to see how can one use this WhatsApp features to make your benefits and what are the steps required to message to own number.

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