Complete Your PhonePe KYC.

How To Complete PhonePe KYC – Everything About KYC

What Is KYC

KYC stands for Know Your Customer. The aim of doing KYC is to prevent banks from being used unintentionally or for the wrong purpose. So it is necessary to complete our PhonePe KYC to use various features of PhonePe.

Need Of KYC

As per the guidelines of RBI (Reserve Bank Of India) all customer of any wallet or bank who want to use for higher balance (Limit will increases) for sending money or for another purpose.

How To Do PhonePe KYC

There are several steps needed to do PhonePe KYC. It is a completely online process and will take not more than 1 minute to do this. As of now, there is n KYC center available, you can complete your KYC while sitting at your home, office. Just follow the below steps to see how one can complete PhonePe KYC online. Download PhonePe From Here PhonePe

  • First of all launch the PhonePe App on your phone. Ensure that you have logged into your PhonePe Wallet.


  • Now tap on My Money.


Tap On My Money in phonePe app.
Tap On My Money


  • After that, you can see various wallets available. tap on PhonePe wallet.


Tap On PhonePe


  • After that, you can see that there will be a pop up which says that complete your KYC tap on Continue.


Complete Your PhonePe KYC.
Tap On Continue.


  • Now you can see there will be some information regarding KYC. read this and proceed to the next step.


Tap On Provide Basic Details


  • Select the documents which you want to enter. There will be various ID proofs which you can select and enter the details of that ID Card.


Enter Your Details.


  • Now you can see your KYC is successfully completed after providing your basic details.


KYC Completed.

Visit this link to know how one can complete the KYC of Paytm

How to do KYC Of PAYTM


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