Broadband Bill Payment from Paytm

How to pay Broadband Bill Online?

There are various websites and applications through which we can pay our broadband bills. It will take not more than 2 minutes to recharge any broadband. Here we will see how one can pay his/her broadband bill from Paytm. We can recharge our wifi from various applications nowadays. Every website and applications are accepting various broadband operators.

Below are the several steps to be followed for paying the broadband or wifi bills from paytm. If you don’t have Paytm than download Paytm App from here Download Paytm

  • First, of launch you Paytm app.
  • After that you can see there are various options find Broadband from the various options. 
Tap On Broadband


  • Now you can see there are various operators find your broadband operators from the below lists or simply you can search your broadband from the search bar.
Select Your Operator


  • Now enter your operator id or your unique id provided by your broadband operator.
Enter Your Details


  • After that select, your plan by tapping on Browse Plans. you can select your desired plan or also you can directly renew your plan. Once you have selected your desired plan tap on proceed to pay to move forward.
Select Your Plan


  • Now you have an option to apply promo code if you have by tapping on Have a promo code. If you don’t have any promo code you can see the available promo code by tapping on have a promo code.
Tap On Have A Promocode



  • Now you can see the selected promo code is applied successfully. Now move forward to complete your payment.
Promocode Applied Succesfully



  • Now select any payment methods to complete your payment. you can see there are various payments methods select the best suitable method too complete the payment.
Select Your Payment Method


  • After successful payment you can see there will be a popup notification which will tell that your recharge is successful.
Recharge Succesful

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