Cancel Train Ticket

Indian Railways will allow the customers or passengers to cancel their train ticket if they don’t want to travel before chart preparations. So in some case you don’t want to travel then you have a chance to cancel your ticket by logging into your IRCTC account from which the ticket was booked.

Step By Step Guide To Cancel Your E-Ticket

Step 1: Firstly you all have a valid User Id and Password of IRCTC.

Step 2: Launch your IRCTC app and tap on Train Ticket.




Step 3: After that enter your PIN to login into your IRCTC applications.




Step 4: Now you can see that there are various options tap on My Bookings among the option. 




Step 5At this step, you have to select the ticket which you want to cancel from the various booked tickets. 




Step 6After selecting the ticket which you want to cancel tap on three dots at the top right corner of your ticket.



Step 7: Now you will see there are various options comes tap on Cancel Ticket to cancel your ticket.



Step 8: Now you have an option that you can cancel all passenger ticket or you can also cancel one passenger ticket from that ticket. Here I am selecting only one ticket out of two passenger list.




Step 9Now at this step, you have to tap on confirm to cancel your selected ticket.



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