Save WhatsApp Status

Today we can discuss how to save someone WhatsApp status. Here I have described the method from which you can achieve this. Before going to this we can understand what is WhatsApp status.

What Is WhatsApp Status?

WhatsApp status is the way or methods from which we can share Text, Videos & Images in our status section. For this, both people have to save their number in contacts book.

The main thing in WhatsApp status is that the status will automatically disappear in 24 hours. We can also reply on that Status by taping on reply. One can see someone WhatsApp status in the Status tab.

WhatsApp status tab
WhatsApp Status Bar


How To Save WhatsApp Status


>> First of all, launch your File Manager in order to save WhatsApp status.


Launch file manager
Launch Your File Manager.


>>Now go to your Internal storage.


Go to internal storage
Tap On Internal Storage.


>> Now search or find for WhatsApp folder, where all file of WhatsApp is stored.


Find WhatsApp folder
Open WhatsApp Folder.



>> After opening the WhatsApp folder you can see there are various folders like Backup, you need to open the Media Folder.




Open Media folder



>> At this step you have to tap on 3 dots to view various available options.


tap on three dots
Tap On three Dots.


>> After clicking on 3 dots you can see the various available options. Out of which click on Show Hidden Folders. By tapping on this the various hidden folders are now visible.


Show Hidden folders
Tap On Show Hidden Folders


>> Now at this step we can see that there are various folders are visible that are not visible before this step. Now find the folder named as Statuses and open it.


Status folder is visible.
Status Folder Is Visible.


>> Now you can see the various status are available to see. you can copy that file to any other file because this will disappear after 24 hours.


WhatsApp status
Status Are Ready To Save

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