UAN Password Recovery- Forget The Password

If you have forgotten your UAN password then you are at the right place. Just stay here and read the below-described steps from which your UAN password recovery in an easy way. It’s a two-minute process from which you can recover your UAN password.

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Step By Step Guide To Recover UAN Password

Step 1: First of all visit this link UAN Website to go to the page from which we can recover our UAN password and we can log in to our EPFO account.

Homepage Of UAN
Homepage Of UAN


Step 2: After redirecting to the Homepage of UAN now the next step is to tap on forgot password at the right side of the screen to recover your UAN password.

Tap On Forgot Password.
Tap On Forgot Password.


Step 3: The next step is to enter your UAN number and the below captcha to proceed to the next step to create your new password for UAN.

Enter UAN number
Enter UAN Number


Step 4: After entering the UAN number you can see a mobile number. If it is your mobile number then proceed to verify it with the OTP.

Confirm Your Mobile umber.
Confirm Your Mobile Number.


Step 5: Once you have to tap on Yes, an OTP is sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP to verify yourself.

Enter The OTP To Verify.
Enter the OTP


Step 6: After entering the OTP, now you have to create a New Password for your EPFO account.

Create New Password.
Create A New Password.


Step 7: After successful password creations you will get a popup screen in which you can see the Password Changed Successfully.

Password Changed Successfully
Password Changed Successfully


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I withdraw my PF from previous employer?

PF stands for Provident Fund. Basically, PF is the process in which we can pay some portion of our monthly salary for our future purpose. It is very good to enroll or pay PF for our retirement purpose. But we can also withdraw our PF online or offline if we needed. So in this post, we can show how to withdraw PF online.

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What is two-step verification in Gmail?

Two-Step Verification is a process by which the user has to require two steps (method) to verify itself from preventing any unauthorized access to the account as it adds up a layer of extra protection to the account. By enabling this we can access our account only after the successful. The two-step verification in Gmail adds an extra layer of security to our Gmail account this will allow Gmail users to protect their account from any external phishing. You can see the step by step guide to enable Two-Step Verification in Gmail.

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