Two Step Verification In WhatsApp

Two Step Verification

Two Step verification is a process by which the user has to require two steps (method) to verify itself from preventing any unauthorized access to the account as it adds up a layer of extra protection to the account. By enabling this we can access our account only after the successful.

How To Enable Two-Step Verification In WhatsApp

You just need to follow several steps to enable or activate the Two-step verification process in WhatsApp. Before moving to this first you can know by enabling the two-step verification in WhatsApp we are going to add an extra layer of security to WhatsApp this will allow WhatsApp users to protect their account from any external phishing. 

If you enable Two Step Verification in WhatsApp you need to verify yourself by the following two way,

1.    OTP(One Time Password): You need to provide the OTP at the time of registration of your WhatsApp account.

2.    6 Digit Passcode: It is another layer of security. You will only allow accessing your account after providing the 6 digit passcode.


Step By Step Guide To Enable Two-Step verification In WhatsApp


Step 1: First of all launch your WhatsApp app to activate the two-step verification.

Step 2: Now you have to tap on three dots located at the top right corner of WhatsApp.

Tap On 3 Dots.
Tap On 3 Dots.


Step 3: After this tap on Settings among the various options available.

Tap On Settings.
Tap On Settings.


Step 4: Now you have to tap on Account.

Tap On Accounts.
Tap On Accounts.


Step 5: After this, you can see there is an option of Two-Step Verification tap on it to move to the next step of activating the Two- Step verification process in your WhatsApp account.

Tap On Two-Step Verification.
Tap On Two-Step Verification.


Step 6: At this step you can see there is an option of Enable, tap on it to move forward.

Tap On Enable.
Tap On Enable.


Step 7: At this step, you have to enter your 6 digit pin or passcode that will require to complete your Two-Step verification process in WhatsApp and re-enter your pin to confirm it. 


Step 8: Now you have to enter your email address that will require to recover your 6 digit pin or passcode if you forget it and re-enter your email address to confirm your email address for recovery purpose.


Step 9: Now you will see a pop in which it is showing your two-step verification is enabled.

Two Step Verification Enabled.
Two Step Verification Enabled.

Benefits Or Use Of Two-Step Verification In WhatsApp


Well, the most important benefits of Two Step Verification is it will add an extra layer of security to your account.

1.    The account will be safe.

2.    An extra layer of security is added.

3.    No chances of data loss or theft.


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