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AIIMS stands for All India Institute Of Medical Sciences, located at New Delhi. Now we can see how one can book an appointment for AIIMS in any department. We can book an appointment through its ORS (Online Registration System) portal. ORS (Online Reservation Portal) is a portal where various hospitals link its various facilities like Appointment, Registration, etc can be availed.

How To Book AIIMS Appointment Online

To book AIIMS appointment we need to follow several steps. It is a completely online process to register, Book and many more features are available. You can book AIIMS appointment online by its website as well as AIIMS Official Application.

Step By Step Guide To Book AIIMS Appointment

Step 1: First of all visit the AIIMS website by clicking the link Book Online AIIMS Appointment. The page will look like the below image.

Homepage Of AIIMS Appointment Booking.
Homepage Of AIIMS Appointment Booking.

Step 2: Now you have to enter your registered mobile number and submit it to verify.

Enter your registerd mobile number.
Enter your registered mobile number.

Step 3: An OTP(One Time Password) is sent to your enter(registered) mobile number for verification purpose.

Enetr The OTP.
Enter the OTP.

Step 4: Once your mobile number is verified then select the Already Registered Patient.

Tap On Already Registered Patient.
Tap On Already Registered Patient.

Step 5: At this step, you have to enter your UHID number where UHID stands for Unique Health Identification and verify again by providing the OTP.

Step 6: After successful verification, you can see a dashboard with some information and your basics detail. Tap on Appointment to book your AIIMS appointment online.

Tap On Appointment.
Tap On Appointment.

Step 7: After that select your department in which you want to book your appointment online.

Select The Department.
Select The Department.

Step 8: Now at this step, you have to select the available date of appointment. The Green color indicates the availability of the appointment.

Select The Date of appointment.
Select The Date of appointment.

Step 9: Once of have select your date of appointment then tap on proceed and you can see a confirmation box will appear with the details of the appointment. Tap on Book Appointment to confirm your appointment.

Verify your appointment details.
Verify your appointment details.

Step 10: Now a window will open in which you can see your AIIMS appointment is book successfully.

Aiims Appointment Booked Successfully.
Aiims Appointment Booked Successfully.

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