Select files to upload on SlideShare.

How To Upload PPT On SlideShare

Well, there are several steps needed through which anyone can upload the PPT (Presentation) on the SlideShare website or its official application. Before diving to the topic which is how to upload ppt on SlideShare one can have little bit knowledge of SlideShare.

What Is SlideShare?

SlideShare is a platform where the user can upload his/her materials like PPT, Word, PDF, etc. Basically, it is a Slide Hosting Service website for professional content in the form of a slideshow. SlideShare was pickup by LinkedIn in 2012.


How To Upload Slideshow On SlideShare

Before proceeding to upload the slideshow on SlideShare you need to create an account. If you have already an account on it you just need to login to the SlideShare to move forward.

Step 1: First of all you need to login to your SlideShare account for sharing your presentation on SlideShare, a free slide hosting service website. Below is the home page of the SlideShare website.

Homepage Of SlideShare having various ppt.
Homepage of SlideShare.


Step 2: Now you have to tap on Upload which is located at the top of the screen.

Upload your ppt on slideshare.
Tap On Upload.


Step 3: After that, you can see that there is an option named as Select Files To Upload. You can use that option or simply you can drag and drop your file here.

Select files to upload on SlideShare.
Select Files To Upload.

You can directly upload your files from Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox.


Step 4: At this step, you have to enter the Title, Description, Category, Privacy, and Tags for your slideshow and tap on publish to upload it on SlideShare.

Enter the details like title, description, category, privacy and tags.
Enter Title Of Your PPT.


Things To Remember:

You need to add Tags to increase your Discoverability Score from this you can reach up to 70 million people when you upload your slideshow.

Below is the example to add the Tags to increase your Discoverability Score and reach to the maximum user.

Add tags to increase discoverability score.
Add More Tags To Increase Your Discoverability Score.

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