How To Download Book From Scribd.

How To Download Book From Scribd

Scribd is a collection of digital book and audiobook where user can read and listen to unlimited ebooks, magazines, and audiobooks by purchasing its membership. You have been seen various methods or techniques to download the books from Scribd. Out of which some are working and some are not. Here we are going to see the methods that really work and also it is free of cost. 


Step By Step Guide To Download Book From Scribd For Free

Below are the several steps that need to be followed to download your free E-Books from Scribd. It is the easiest way to do this. You just need to download the Scribd official apps from Playstore Or App Store.

Step 1: Launch your Scribd app and make sure that you are signed in to your Scribd account.

Step 2:  Now search the book which you want to download and open it.

Step 3: After opening the book you can see that there is an option of Read Now tap on it to open it.


Read Now your e book from Scribd
Tap On Read Now.


Step 4: At this step, your book will open your book and read until it is 100% completed.



You have to go this path: Internal Storage> Android> Data>> Files> Document_Cache> 11424322(Random Number)> Content 

Step 5: Now you have to launch your file manager and go to your Phone Storage.

Open Your Phone Storage.
Open Your Phone Storage.


Step 6: After this open the Android folder and tap on Data to open it.



Step 7: Similarly tap on folder and tap Files to open it.



Step 8: Now you have to tap on Document_Cache folder to open it. After this, you will see a folder named as a random number open it.



Step 9: Now you can see a file named as Content, you have to change the file format of this file. Simply rename it to any name and add .pdf at the end of the file name.



Step 10: After this, you will be able to view your book in PDF format. You can simply move that file to any location.

Your Book Is Ready.
Your Book Is Ready

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