Download Windows 10 DISC Image (ISO File)

Download Windows 10- ISO File (Disc Image)

Windows 10 can be downloaded from its official website for free. But there are some limitations for using the Free/ Pirated version of Windows. But here we will be going to see how one can download the Windows from it’s an official website and then install it.

Windows can be downloaded in the form of ISO file which is also known as Disc Image. First, you need to download the ISO file then you need to burn it in on DVD or USB flash drive.

How To Download ISO File/ Disc Image

Here you will be going to see how to download windows 10 ISO file and then the process needs to follow after downloading the file.

Step 1: First of all visit this link to Download ISO File/ Disc Image. The page will look like the below screenshot.

Downloadwindows 10 or update.
Home Page Of Windows 10.


Step 2: Now at the bottom of the screenshot you can see Download Tool Now under the Create Windows 10 installation media. Tap on it to download and open it.

Download tool now to get your Windows 10 ISO file.
Tap On Download Tool.


How To Create Installation Media File In DVD Drive or USB Flash Drive

Again you need to follow some basics steps to do this. After this, your Windows 10 file will be downloaded and ready to install in your PC or another PC with the help of USB flash drive or DVD drive according to your choice.

Step 1: Open the Media Creation Tool once it is downloaded successfully. You will need to log in with Admin to do this if you have created multiple users in your system.

ISO File / DISC Image downloaded.
Media Creation Tool.


Step 2: Read the following terms and conditions and tap on accept to move forward.

Accept the following terms and conditions to install windows 10.
Tap On Accept.


Step 3: Select what do you want to do. You can also download windows 10 update for your own system or create installation media file for another PC.

What Do You Want To Do? Upgrade or install new window
What Do You Want To Do?


Step 4: At this step, you need to select Language, Edition (Windows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, etc.), and Architecture (32& 64-bit windows 10) of the Windows 10 which you want to download.

Select your language, edition and architecture for your windows 10.
Select The Windows 10 Edition.


Step 5: Now you have to select the media methods from which you want to install your Windows 10 to your own PC later or into another PC. You can select the USB Drive as well as DVD drive according to your choices.

You can use USB flash drive or DVD drive.
Select The Media To Use.


Step 6: After selecting from the above option you need to select the drive from the given list which is inserted to your system.

Select your drive whether it is USB or DVD.
Select Your Drive.


Step 7: After the all downloading process is completed your USB Flash drive is ready to install the Windows 10.

USB Flash Drive Is Ready to install the Windows 10
USB Flash Drive Is Ready

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