How To Send Money From Amazon Pay UPI

Amazon Pay is a digital wallet like any other wallet which is owned by Amazon from which we can make an online transaction on its platform and we also can make payments on various third party websites/ applications. Amazon Pay is already linked with our Amazon accounts only we need to make the payments from Amazon Pay to avail its services and various benefits associated with it. After getting successful results from Amazon Pay, Amazon has launched its UPI payment services on its platform to make the secured transaction. You need to setup Amazon Pay UPI before using it. Also, you can send money from Amazon to someone bank account directly from your bank account with the help of Amazon Pay UPI. For sending money from Amazon you need to set up the Amazon Pay UPI first. If you have not created yet create it from here Setup Amazon Pay UPI in your Amazon account.

Note: You cannot send money from your Amazon pay Wallet to someone bank account. The money will deduct from your bank account, not from the Amazon Pay wallet.

Step By Step Guide To Send Money From Amazon Pay

Step 1: First of all you need to launch your Amazon app make sure that you are signed into your Amazon account.

Step 2: At this step head over to the Amazon Pay, tap on it to open it.

Tap on Amazon Pay
Tap on Amazon Pay


Step 3: Now a screen will come in which various services of Amazon Pay will appear. You need to select the Send Money options from them.


Click on Send money.jpg
Click On Send money



Step 4: After this, you can see that there are 3 methods from which we can send money from our bank account to directly to someone bank account. Choose any of them, here we are demonstrating with the help of Mobile Number.


Tap On Send To contact.jpg
Select The Method.



Step 5: Enter the amount which you want to send and tap on send money to complete the transaction.


Enter The Amount.
Enter The Amount.



Step 6: After entering your Amazon Pay UPI Pin you can see a popup notification of your successful transaction.


Money Successfully Send
Money Successfully Send.



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