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How To Send WhatsApp Message To Yourself

If you want to message yourself in WhatsApp then there are various methods available. But do you think why you need this? Is it benefits for you or not. Don’t worry we will be going to see how can one use this WhatsApp features to make his/her benefits and what are the steps required to achieve this.

Step By Step Guide To Send WhatsApp Message To Yourself

There are several steps to be needed to do this. One thing you don’t need to install any third-party app.

Step 1: First of all you need to save your number in your device.

Step 2: Now open your contact list and search for your number.

Open your contact list.
Open Your Contact List.


Step 3: After opening your contact you can see there is a logo of WhatsApp, tap on it to open.

Tap on WhatsApp
Tap On WhatsApp


Step 4: Now you can see your chat is open and you can send a message to yourself.

Send Message To Yourself.
Send Message To Yourself.


Step 5: You can also Pin your chat to access it quickly. So that it can save your time.

Pin Your Chat.
Pin Your Chat.


Benefits Of Messaging Yourself On WhatsApp

There are lots of benefits to message yourself on WhatsApp. Some of them are listed below. You can go through those lists.

  1. Message yourself for upcoming events, reminder, etc. Just like To-Do lists.
  2. Easy to access your task(message) with the help of search options available in WhatsApp.
  3. We can share anything like Images, Videos, Document, etc.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the read receipt on WhatsApp?

The Read Receipt is the way by which the sender can tell or get to know whether the message is read by the receiver or not.

Can WhatsApp status be saved?

Yes, we can save someone WhatsApp status without using any third-party app. Also by this method, the person will not get to know you save their status.

How do I retrieve old WhatsApp messages?

To retrieve or restore your WhatsApp message first you need to make the WhatsApp chat backup. To restore WhatsApp chats or back up there will be some basic and pretty simple steps to be followed.

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