Restore Google Pay Bank Accounts

Google Pay (Formerly Tez) is a mobile payment service launch by Google. Google Pay is specially targeted at users in India. We can send money from Google Pay applications in various methods. If you had uninstalled your Google Pay app and reinstall it then you need to restore your Google Pay bank accounts to use it properly. Without activating your account you cannot make any transactions on Google Pay.

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Why You Need To Restore Google Pay

There will be many possibilities for which you need to restore or activate your bank account in Google Pay. I have listed some possibilities when you need to activate your account.

  1. If you try to deleted/reinstall your Google Pay application.
  2. Formatting/Reset your phone.
  3. Moving to the new phone.

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You can also watch this video to know how to activate Google Pay Bank Account.

Step By Step Guide To Activate Google Pay Bank Account

If you fall under the above three categories then only you need to restore Google Pay bank accounts. You need to follow some basics steps to activate your google Pay accounts to make a transaction, without reactivating you cannot make any transactions on Google Pay.

Step 1: Firstly you need to download Google Pay from play store or simply click here.

Step 2: Once Google Pay is downloaded open it and enter your registered mobile number to verify it.

Restore Google Pay Bank Account
Enter Google Pay Registered Mobile Number

Step 3: Now you need to select your Google Account which is linked with your Google Pay account while registration(If you have multiple Google Account in your phone).

Select Your Google Account
Select Your Google Account

Step 4: Once you have selected your Email address you will be verified by the OTP which is sent to your registered mobile number(make sure it is in the phone).

Enter The OTP To Verify Google Pay Account
Enter The OTP To Verify Google Pay Account

Step 5: Once your mobile number is verified by Google Pay then you need to secure your Google Pay account by a password. There are two options to secure Google Pay account one is by your Screen Lock and the other is by creating Google PIN.

Secure Google Pay PIN
Secure Google Pay PIN

Step 6: Once selected the way to secure Google Pay options you need to tap on restore at the top of your screen to activate the account.

Restore Google Pay Bank Accounts
Tap On Restore Accounts

Step 7: Now you can see the number of bank accounts which is linked to your Google Pay account(add multiple bank accounts in Google Pay). You can select the bank which you want to reactivate. You can activate all accounts but one at a time.

Select The Bank Accounts
Select The Bank Accounts

Step 8: After selecting the bank accounts you can see your account information like Name, Mobile Number & UPI IDs and at the below, there are options to activate your account click on it reactivate.

Activate Google Pay Bank Account
Activate Google Pay Bank Account

Step 9: Now you can see Google Pay is verifying your mobile number with partner bank and activating your bank account.

Verifying Mobile Number And Activating Bank Account
Verifying Mobile Number And Activating Bank Account

Step 10: This is the last step for restoring your bank account in Google Pay, only you need to tap on activate and your account will be restored.

Activate Account
Activate Account

Step 11: Now a screen will appear in which you can see your mobile number is verified and the bank is activated.

Google Pay Bank Account Is Activated
Google Pay Bank Account Is Activated

Your Google pay bank account is activated and now you can use it for availing various services like send money from Google Pay, bill payment and many more.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Google pay transfer instantly?

Yes, the amount will be credited instantly. Whether you choose to send money with account details or directly by contact number. You can send money from various accounts by Google Pay. If you are having more than one bank account then you can also add two bank account on Google Pay.

What is the best thing about Tez?

The best part of Google Pay(Tez) is its rewards. you can get a maximum of Rs 1000 by performing Rs150 transaction and by performing a transaction greater or equal to 500 rs you are eligible to win Rs 1 Lacs.
You can get 5 Blue cards in a week once per user which can give you a maximum of Rs 1000 from those blue cards.
You can get 1 Orange cards in a week once per user which can give you a maximum of Rs 1 Lacs from that orange cards.

Is it possible to link two bank accounts to Google pay(Tez)?

Well, there are some steps to be followed to complete the process of add two bank accounts in Google Pay. After this, you will be able to use your multiple bank account in one Google Pay (Tez) account. And you can send money from any of the accounts that are added in Google Pay.

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