How To Solve Destination Folder Already Exists In WordPress

Working on any Blog is tough for beginners because they face issues at the start and are in a hurry to solve those issues quickly to get the blog going efficiently. So the benefits of using WordPress for blogging purpose makes it easy to due to its simplicity and ease. As it always tells the exact message of the error. So we can solve it immediately directly by reaching to the root of the problem. As the above title give some idea of this post, we are going to solve the installation failed destination folder already exists problem which is the most common issue faced by any user while installing the plugin or theme. Do you know what this problem is and how to solve the error? Just read the entire posts and you will able to solve this if faced by anyone.

Why Destination Folder Already Exists Problem Occurs

There are only two possibilities for this problem. The first one is when you are removing any plugin from your WordPress website and some of its files are not removed(Might be your internet stopped working in the middle of the process) then you can face the destination folder already exists problems due to traces of that file in your website.

Another is when you are installing the theme then also you can face this issue. Let’s see how to fix the destination folder already exists in WordPress.

The actual issue whihc you are facing is Destination Folder Already Exists. I have taken the example of Yoast SEO to solve the issue.

Destination Folder Already Exists

Destination Folder Already Exists

Step By Step Guide To Fix Destination Folder Already Exists

Before moving let see what happens in the background when you install plugin in WordPress. WordPress extract the plugin or theme(ZIP file) into a folder and named the folder as the plugin name. When you install any plugin and while extracting the file you can face the issue due to the same folder is already exists.

Step 1: First of all you need to login to your c-panel.

Step 2: After that search for the file manager and open it.

Tap On File Manager

Tap On File Manager

Step 3: Now follow the path, public_html>wp-content>plugin.

Go To Public, Wp Content, Plugin

Go To Public, Wp Content, Plugin

Step 4: In the plugin section you can see all your installed plugin. Now find the desired plugin, in this case, it is Yoast SEO plugin which comes under WordPress SEO.

Tap On WordPress SEO

Tap On WordPress SEO

Step 5: Now you need to select the WordPress SEO and delete the entire folder.

plugin installation fail

Delete The Yoast SEO Folder

Step 6: A confirmation dialogue box will appear, click on delete to confirm.

Confirm to delete Yoast SEO

Confirm To Delete Yoast SEO

Step 7: After the successful deletion of the folder tries to install the plugin once again. You can use any of 2 ways to install WordPress plugin and activate it.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to Export Email Addresses from WordPress Comments?

As whenever any user comments on your blog they use their email address to comment on your blog with some other specific fields like Name, Website, etc. Well, there are numerous reasons for exporting the email addresses from the comments section.
1. You want to grow the Email list.
2. Increase high conversion rates(From Email).
3. The direct appeal to your target audience.
You can go through this to see the step by step guide to the export email address from WordPress.

How do I manually install a WordPress plugin?

Installing plugin from WordPress is very simple it will take hardly 2 minutes to install and activate any plugin. that will boost your website performance.
Well, there are three methods to install any WordPress. The first two methods are very simple as compared to the last one.
1. Install WordPress Plugin Using Search.
2. Uploading WordPress Plugin.
3. Install Plugin Using FTP
Well, the first two methods are pretty simple, so we can guide you only that. Because the third method will make confusion for beginners so we don’t make any confusion for them.

How can I solve this issue “Invalid URL in field “id”?

If your website is running on the WordPress platform then this will be quite easy as compared to others. There are two ways to solve the issue of an invalid URL. I am sure you are using an SEO Plugin for your WordPress website, normally it will be Yoast SEO due to its advanced feature and simple to use. You need to make some changes to your SEO plugin and theme. There is no need for coding, it will be quite easy to solve the issue.
There are two ways to fix the breadcrumb issue. One is from SEO plugin if you are using and the other is from your theme. If your problem is solved with one method then there is no need to follow the other method. It is up to you to follow both. You can see the step by step guide to solve invalid URL in field id.

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