Export Email From WordPress Comment | Step By Step Guide

Are you using WordPress for your blog? If yes then you can grow your Email list rapidly by exporting Email addresses from the comment section. Simply you have to export email from WordPress and build your email list.

As whenever any user comments on your blog they use their email address to comment on your blog with some other specific fields like Name, Website, etc.
Well, there are numerous reasons for exporting the email addresses from the comments section.

  1. You want to grow the Email list.
  2. Increase high conversion rates(From Email).
  3. The direct appeal to your target audience.

How To Export Email Address From WordPress

If you want to collect all email addresses from the comment section when any of the users commented on your blog on any posts. Export and build your email list by following the simple steps. In this guide, we will be going to see how we can export all email address from the comment section in a single click.

Step By Step Guide To Export Email Address From WordPress

We will be going to extract all emails from comment section using a free plugin.
First of all, you need to download a free plugin named as Commenter Emails or simply you can install the plugin from your admin panel.
Step 1: Login to your WordPress admin panel and head over to the plugins section and tap on add new to install the plugin to export the email addresses from the comment section.

Add New Plugin

Tap On Add New To Install Plugin

Step 2: Now a screen will appear in which you have to search the plugin Commenter Emails to install the plugin. However, you can also upload the plugin here by clicking on Upload Plugin.

Search Plugin to Install

Search Plugin to Install

Step 3: After this, the searched plugin will show. you need to install the plugin.

Export Commenter Emails

Tap On Install

Step 4: Once your plugin is installed and activated. Go to your comment section and tap on Commenter Emails to export email addresses.

Commneter Emails to export email address

Tap On Commenter Email

Step 5: Now a screen will appear in which you can see all the Email Address, Name & URL of the users who have drop the comment on your blog.

Export Email address

Email Address Of The Users

Hurray, you have got all the Email address of the users who have dropped the comments on your blog.

Step 6: Scroll down to the bottom of your screen and you can see there is an option to download the email addresses. Also, you have the option to include the website of the user. It is up to you to include or not the website of the users.

Download email address

Download Email Address

Now you have saved your file which contains all email addresses of the users and start importing to your email list.

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