Find Your Eyeglass, Sunglass Size | Specs Size Guide

Many people ignore the size of specs while buying. They simply wear and if everything goes well they will buy it. But do you think there is a size of every spec whether it is your Eyeglass or Sunglass? It is really amazing features that most of the people don’t know, but also play an important role.

But what if you are purchasing a new pair of specs online then how can you determine which specs will be best for you. If you already have specs then it will be more easy to check this information.


How To Find Specs Frame Size

Every spec has its size or dimensions just like clothes, shoes, etc. This will help you find the perfect frame size for you.

Let us understand with the example for getting the things clear.

Eyeglass frame size

Eyeglass Frame Size

These specs have its dimensions. So let’s understand how we can see the specs dimensions and what does it means.

Step By Step Guide To Find Specs Frame Size

Step 1: Just check the dimensions written on the left or right side of your frame.

frame dimensions

Frame Size

Step 2: The number written is JE16026 50–18–138-C02.

Step 3: Read it from the right to left.

Step 4: The first number is 138 which mean it is the 138mm length which is known as temple length.

Eyeglass temple length

Eyeglass Temple Length

Step 5: The next number is 18 which means it is 18mm which is known as the bridge length the distance between the two lenses.

eyeglass bridge length

Eyeglass Bridge Length

Step 6: The last number is 50 which means the lens width is 50mm.

Eyeglass lens width

Eyeglass Lens Width

Frame Size Eyeglass Size
Small Less than 48 mm
Medium 48 – 55 mm
Large Greater than 55 mm

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