Google Pay Tez Shots- Earn Up to 3300₹ Tricks

Recently Google Pay added a cricket game in its recent update named as Tez Shots. Tez Shots is a cricket game by which you can earn money up to 3300 ₹ by playing the cricket. Sounds amazing you will get money which is up to 3300 ₹ by playing the cricket. So, let’s understand what is it and how one can get that money by using simple tricks.

What Are Google Pay Tez Shots?

Google Pay Tez Shots is a cricket game launched by Google Pay on its recent update. The game is active from 5-June to 30-June. Keeping in mind about the fever of World Cup Google Pay released a cricket game known as Tez Shots.

As we know Google Pay always released some offers from which a user can earn some extra money like by Send Money (Scratch Card), Refer To Win 51₹ and many more. As this game will also give many users to win the extra amount which is up to 3300₹.

The game will allow us to play the game on our phone to earn some extra rewards.

So without wasting the time, let’s move to the game how one can play and win the rewards. What are things keep in mind while playing the game?

Note: It is currently available for Google Pay Android App.

How To Play Google Pay Tez Shots

There are several steps to be needed to earn rewards just by playing the games. 

Step 1: First of all you need to download the Google Pay & Get 51₹ and if you have already downloaded it then just launch it.

Step 2: Head over to the bottom of the app and there you can see the Tez Shots tap on it.

Google Pay rewards, offers, and Tez Shots.

Tap On Tez Shots.

Step 3: Now you can see your name registered with Google Pay along with the Best Score, All India Ranking and Total Score. You just need to tap on Play Now to start the game to earn up to 3300₹.

Tez Shots game. Your best score, all India ranking, and total score.

Tap On Play Now.

Step 4: After this, you are entered into the game. Just score as many as possible to get the rewards. Your total score must be 3000 runs to get your rewards worth up to 3300₹.

Play And Earn Rewards Worth 3300 Rs.

Play And Earn Rewards Worth 3300 Rs.

The total score is the sum of all the runs scored by an individual in every game. You can play as many games as possible.

Trick To Score More Runs

I am sharing you one trick for scoring more runs in a single match. Means the chances of getting out is very low as compared to the normal method for playing the game.

You need to tap continuously on the bat symbol or anywhere on the screen to score many runs.

Whenever a user total score reaches the milestone set by Google Pay Tez Shots they will earn a scratch card.

Total Score                 Scratch Card

100                               Worth up to ₹50

500                               Worth up to ₹100

1000                             Worth up to ₹150

2000                             Worth up to ₹1000

3000                             Worth up to ₹2000

Example: Let us assume that your total score reaches 100. As soon as you get out of the match you will see that you have earned a scratch card.

Earned A Scratch Card From Tez Shots

You Have Earned A Scratch Card From Tez Shots!!!

Once you have earned a scratch card from Google Pay Tez Shots you need to make a transaction mention on the scratch card to get your rewards. Like you need to make make a mobile recharge to get rewards for that scratch card.

Unlock with mobile recharge, bill payment to get your Tez Shotsrewards.

Unlock The Scratch Card By Completing The Transactions.

Some Interesting Things

  • The Fielding team is Chilli(Green Chilli), amazing to see a chili is bowling.
  • The Batsman is Burger. A burger can do batting and give rewards worth 3300₹.
  • The audience is Cabbage.
  • The Umpire is A Cup Of Tea.

You can share your best score and rewards in the comment sections. Let’s turn your score into rewards.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I link my bank account with a Google Pay(Tez)?

Well, there are some steps to be followed to complete the process of add two banks accounts in Google Pay. After this, you will be able to use your multiple bank account in one Google Pay (Tez) account. And you can send money from any of accounts which are added in Google Pay.

Does Google pay transfer instantly?

Yes, the amount will be credited instantly. Whether you choose to send money with account details or directly by contact number. You can send money from various accounts by single Google Pay. You can do this by adding or link more than one account on Google Pay.

What is the best thing about Tez?

The best part of Google Pay(Tez) is its rewards. you can get a maximum of Rs 1000 by performing Rs150 transaction and by performing a transaction greater or equal to 500 rs you are eligible to win Rs 1 Lacs.

  • You can get 5 Blue cards in a week once per user which can give you a maximum of Rs 1000 from those blue cards.
  • You can get 1 Orange cards in a week once per user which can give you a maximum of Rs 1 Lacs from that orange cards.


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