How To Exchange Phone On Amazon

It is a method or way through which we can sell or exchange old mobile phones with new ones. Nowadays technology is increased very much. We can do anything on the internet. It is the best way to exchange phone on Amazon, There are several steps to be followed which can be very simple.

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Step By Step Guide To Exchange Phone On Amazon

1. Launch the Amazon App on your phone. Ensure that you have logged in the Amazon app.

Launch The Amazon App

2. Search the Phone you wish to buy and then select the variant of phone you wish yo buy like Ram, Color, etc.

Select The Model

3. Scroll down and tap on With The Exchange.

Tap On With Exchange

4. Enter the required details and tap on buy now with the exchange.

  • Select the Brand of the mobile.
  • Select the Model Number of the mobile.
  • Enter the IMEI number of the mobile.
Enter The Details

5. Enter your Delivery Address.

Enter The Delivery Address

6. After that select the payment methods through which you can pay the amount.
There are many methods to pay you can select any one as per your suitability.

Select Payment Methods

How To Find IMEI Number

  • It is a very easy way to find an IMEI number of any phone.
    Simply dial *#06# from the phone.

What Happened After The Successful Payment.

  • You will receive a message from Amazon to your registered mobile number as well as email id about the expected delivery of the mobile phone.
  • When the delivery boy comes you have to give the old phone that you mentioned at the time of booking. He will check the conditions of the phone and you will receive a new phone.

Terms And Conditions of The Old Phone

  1. For an old mobile phone, the screen should be in very well conditions means that there will be no crack on the phone screen or any other damage.
  2. The old phone should match the details which you have entered while booking the phone with exchange and it will be checked by the delivery boy.
  3. The detail will be its brand name, model number, and the IMEI number
  4. You must have to delete your all data present in the mobile phone before giving the product to the delivery boy.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I register for Amazon pay UPI?

Amazon has collaborated with Axis Bank for the UPI transaction on its platform. You need to register or set up your UPI id through Amazon to avail its UPI services that give a lot of benefits in terms of cashback. Go through this to Setup Amazon Pay UPI.

Can you buy insurance online?

Vehicles insurance is essential in India whether it is two or four-wheelers. The insurance policy will take care of any accident, theft or third party loss then the insurance company will pay you IDV (Insured Declared Value). Step by step guide to buying vehicles (two or four) insurance from Amazon.

Google pay or Amazon pay which app is better?

For me, Google Pay(Tez) is better as compared to Amazon Pay. It is because we don’t need to spend anything on Google Pay(Tez) as compared to Amazon Pay(Recharge, Bill, etc). In Google Pay(Tez) only we need to send money Rs 150 to get a blue scratch card to get rewards up to 1000. we can get 5 blue cards in a week and 1 orange card in a week that will give a reward of worth up to 1 Lac.


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