How To Stop Someone From Adding You To WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp has released the most important features for the users who don’t want to be the part of annoying WhatsApp group in which you are added by annoyed people(who may or may not be in your contact list). Yes, we are talking about the WhatsApp group privacy feature. With the help of this method, we can stop someone from adding you to the WhatsApp group. This feature will allow the users to control who can add you to the group.

Almost every WhatsApp users are part of various groups to keep in touch with College, Family, Freinds, and many more. Earlier WhatsApp allows anyone to add you to any group without any prior permission if they have your contact number. From this anyone can add you to any WhatsApp group this will be too annoying for everyone.

Pro Tip: How to know how many WhatsApp groups you are added?

How to Block a WhatsApp Group from Adding your Number

It is as simple as sending a message to your own number the only thing you need to update your WhatsApp from play store. Before this update, WhatsApp has given the privilege to everyone to add anyone in the WhatsApp group multiple times without their permission. With this privacy control, we can stop anyone to add us to any group without permission.

You can also watch this video to know how to stop someone adding you on WhatsApp group.

Step By Step Guide To Stop Someone From Adding You To WhatsApp Group

If you want to add an extra layer of security to your WhatsApp so that no one can add you in any group without your prior permission then follow the below-described steps.

Step 1: First of all launch your WhatsApp and tap on three dots located at the top right corner of your screen.

WhatsApp Menu
Tap On Three Dots

Step 2: After this, you can see there are various options you need to tap on settings.

WhatsApp Settings
Tap On Settings

Step 3: At this step, you need to tap on the account to stop someone from adding you to the WhatsApp group.

WhatsApp Account Section
Tap On Account

Step 4: Now go to the privacy sections to explore the WhatsApp group privacy settings.

WhatsApp Privacy
Tap On Privacy

Step 5: At the top, you can see the groups, tap on it explore.

WhatsApp Group Privacy
Tap On Groups

Step 6: At this step, you can select the various options to add you to any WhatsApp groups.

It has also provided that who can add you to the WhatsApp group. There are 3 ways to add you to any group.

  1. Everone: Everone can add you to any WhatsApp group.
  2. My Contacts: People on your contact list can add you.
  3. My Contacts Except: People on your contact list can add you except the selected one(Allows only selected people).
WhatsApp Group Privacy Feature
Who Can Add Me To Groups

What Happens When You Add Someone On WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp has given liberty to add anyone to any group without your permission but after the recent update, you can have more control over the WhatsApp group.

When you try to add anyone in the WhatsApp group after this setting they have the privacy control in WhatsApp to prevent from adding. While adding the person you can see you will not able to add the contacts with prompt Couldn’t add XXX. You can invite them privately to join this group.

Couldn't add to WhatsApp group
Couldn’t Add To WhatsApp group

You can use the invite options to join the group by tapping on Invite To Group.

Invite The Contacts To Join The Group
Invite The Contacts To Join The Group

The receiver will receive the message to join the WhatsApp group. Simply click on Join to add to the group.

Join Group
Join Group

The group joining link will expire after 72 hours of sending the invitations.

However, you can block the person who is adding you to the group repeatedly. Read more about how to block and how to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp or not?

WhatsApp is adding an extra layer of security through many features like fingerprint lock, two-step verification and many more.

Benefits Of WhatsApp Group Privacy Feature

If you are annoyed by people adding you in random WhatsApp groups than this feature is best for you. Enable it to get rid of this problem.

  1. No one can add you to any group without your permission.
  2. Get rid of unwanted messages, images from the group.
  3. No need to mute the WhatsApp group.
  4. No unknown person can add you to any group.
  5. Safety & privacy will increase. Your number will not distribute to any unknown person.
  6. It will help to escape from false information generally used in politics.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do I enable fingerprint lock on WhatsApp?

Step 1: Open WhatsApp and tap on three dots.
Step 2: Go to Setting>Account>Privacy>Fingerprint Lock.
Step 3: Turn on the Fingerprint Lock to enable the lock on your WhatsApp.
Step 4: Touch your fingerprint sensor when prompted to verify the fingerprint.
Step 5: Select the automatic lock time interval from Immediately, After 1 minute, After 30 minutes.

How do I retrieve old WhatsApp messages?

To retrieve or restore your WhatsApp message first you need to make the WhatsApp chat backupTo restore WhatsApp chats or back up there will be some basic and pretty simple steps to be followed.

Should I Backup WhatsApp to Google Drive?

Yes, you can use Google Drive for making WhatsApp backup. After all, it has various benefits for making WhatsApp backup to Google Drive. Good news for those people who use google drive for WhatsApp chat back up. After 12 November 2018, the storage of google drive will not count the WhatsApp chat back up. You can read Why use google drive?


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