How To Redeem Jio Vouchers| Get Flat Rs 50 Off

Jio voucher is the type of promo code or offers given to every customer. You can redeem the Jio voucher for recharging your Jio plans with the help of My Jio application. Every time you recharge your Jio number you will get an instant discount of Rs 50. This will save your a lot of money. No need to find cashback details on the Internet.

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How To Activate Jio Voucher

Before going to activate the Jio voucher to get an instant discount on your Jio number first you need to download the My Jio App from play store and login to your account. Make sure you will only get the benefits of Jio vouchers if your recharge value is Rs 300 or more. Make sure to apply the Jio voucher to redeem and get an instant Rs 50 discount.

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Step By Step Guide To Redeem Jio Vouchers

Jio vouchers can be redeemed to your mobile number only. It means you cannot redeem the Jio voucher for other numbers to get a discount of Rs 50. You will redeem one voucher in one transaction. Here is our step by step guide to redeem Jio voucher from My Jio app.

Step 1: First of all you have to log in to your My Jio application before proceeding to redeem the Jio voucher.

Step 2: Now you can see there is a Recharge menu tap on it to open it.

My Jio app homepage

Tap On Recharge

Step 3: Now you have to select your Jio plan to recharge your Jio number and redeem your voucher. To redeem your Jio RS 50 Voucher you have to select the plan of Rs 300 or more.

Select Your Jio Plan

Select Your Jio Plan

Step 4: At this step, you can see the Apply Discount Voucher at the top of the screen. You can only use one voucher at a time.

Tap On Apply Discount Voucher

Tap On Apply Discount Voucher

Step 5: After this, you can see there is a Rs 50 vouchers for your recharge is available. Click on the checkbox to apply the Jio voucher.

Redeem Jio voucher

Tap On Checkbox

Step 6: Now you can see your Jio voucher is applied successfully and the effective price for your Jio plan is reduced by Rs 50. Select any payment method given below to complete your payment to avail the benefits of the Jio voucher.

Jio Voucher Applied Successfully

Jio Voucher Applied Successfully

Step7: After completing your payment your Jio plan recharge will reflect into your account.

Jio Voucher Redeem Successful

Jio Voucher Redeem Successfully

Points To Be Noted Before Availing Jio Voucher

  1. You can use only one Jio Voucher in a single recharge of your Jio plan of Rs 300 or more.
  2. It can also be used for Add On recharges of Rs 100 or more.
  3. Your vouchers cannot be transferred to anyone. Only it is applicable to your Jio number.
  4. You can only use your Jio vouchers through My Jio application.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Does Jio phone have WhatsApp?

Yes, Jio phone supports both WhatsApp and YouTube after an update from Reliance Jio. WhatsApp is most use messaging services worldwide and now Reliance Jio has also launched WhatsApp officially for its Jio Phone. So now we can see how we can register or make Whatsapp Account in the Jio Phone. There are several basic steps to register or make WhatsApp Account. But before this, you need to download WhatsApp from Jio Store.

Is Jio caller tune free?

There are no charges for activating the Jio tune on your Jio number. The Jio tune services are free of cost for every people who are using Reliance Jio Sim. Caller tune is the tone which is heard by the second person who is calling you till the phone is not answered instead of normal ring-ring. By using this service the dialer or caller will hear the songs (audio) before a call is answered. You can see how to set Jio tune on Jio number by following the given steps.

How can I download WhatsApp chat history?

Export WhatsApp Chat is another Top Feature by WhatsApp in which we can export a copy of individual chat or group to any place outside your Android or iPhone smartphone, like Gmail, Google Drive, etc. If you want to print out your WhatsApp chat, then you can do it by exporting it. There are lots of messages in your WhatsApp that are important which you want to keep forever in a safe place. You can export your chat with or without media, depending on your needs.

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