How To Set Google Pay Primary Account

Do you know you can add multiple bank account in your Google Pay but you need to set one account as a primary account? By selecting the primary account you will receive the money in your default account when someone sends money from Google Pay. However, you can switch from one bank account to another bank account as needed. But what when you want to remove a bank account from Google Pay. It is quite easy just stay here you will be going to know each and everything in this guide.

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Step By Step Guide To Set Default Account In Google Pay

Follow our step by step guide to set Google Pay primary account but for this, you need to add more than one account in Google Pay. If you have only one bank account then there is no need to do this. Your single account will act as your default account.

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Step 1: First of all launch your Google Pay account and tap on your profile situated at the top right corner.

Google Pay Home Page
Tap On Your Profile

Step 2: After that, you can see your bank account which is linked to Google Pay under bank account and cards section. You can see the bank account which is displayed is selected as your default bank account. Tap on it and proceed further.

Google Pay bank accounts
Tap On Bank Account

Step 3: Now you can see your multiple bank account which is linked with Google Pay. Select the bank account which you want to make your primary Google Pay bank account for further transactions.

Accounts linked with Google Pay
Select The Bank Account To Set Primary Bank Account

Step 4: After this, you need to tap on Set As Primary Account to make your selected bank account as a default account for further transactions whether it is for receiving money or for sending money from Google Pay.

Set As Primary Account In Google Pay
Tap On Set As Primary Account

You have now made your desired bank account as a default account for transactions. If you have any doubt you can simply drop a comment and I will try to troubleshoot your problem asap.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I have 2 Google pay accounts?

Yes, you can add more than two bank account in Google Pay. One can easily add two or more than two bank accounts in Google Pay (Tez). As of now, many numbers of peoples are operation more than 1 bank accounts. So it is feasible for them to add both bank accounts in google Pay for availing the services of google pay like send money.

What is primary account in Google pay?

The primary account is the account that is used to send and receive money in Google Pay by default. In simple words when you have added more than on bank account in Google Pay then you can select the bank account in which you will receive the payment.

How to Change or remove a bank account in Google Pay?

You can easily remove your bank accounts in Google Pay in a simple method. One can easily add two bank accounts in Google Pay (Tez) or remove bank accounts by following the simple steps. Just click here to read the complete posts.


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