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There are various websites and applications through which we can pay our Water Bill. It will take not more than 2 minutes to complete your water bill payment online. Here we will see how one can pay their Water Bill from Amazon. You can pay any Jal Boards water bill payment from Amazon, but here we will see water bill payment of Delhi Jal Board. By the way, you can pay your water bill from various applications like Paytm, PhonePe.

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Step By Step Guide For Water Bill Payment From Amazon

Below are the several steps to be followed for paying the Water Bill from Amazon. Here I have demonstrated the payment to of Delhi Jal Board. So just follow the below steps to do it.

Step 1: First of all launch your Amazon app or website. Make sure you are logged in to your account.

Step 2: After this, you can see there is an option named Pay Bills, tap on it.

Tap On Pay Bills.
Tap On Pay Bills.


Step 3: At this step, you, head over to Water(symbol).

Tap On Water.
Tap On Water.


Step 4: At this step, you have to select your Jal Board and enter your K.No(Unique Id).

Select jal board
Select Your Jal Board.


Step 5: Now you can see your details like name Customer Name, Bill Amount and Due date. Verify it and proceed for payment.

Confirm Your Details.
Confirm Your Details.


Step 6: After completing the payment you can see the notification of successful water bill payment. You can also print the receipt of that transaction.

Water Bill Payment Successful.
Water Bill Payment Successful.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)

Can we pay Delhi Jal Board bill online?

Yes, you can pay Delhi Jal Board bill online from various websites. You can see below how we can pay Delhi Jal Board bill from various applications like Paytm, PhonePe, and Mobikwik.

Can you buy insurance online?

Vehicles insurance is essential in India whether it is two or four-wheelers. The insurance policy will take care of any accident, theft or third party loss then the insurance company will pay you IDV (Insured Declared Value). Step by step guide to buying vehicles (two or four) insurance from Amazon.

Does Amazon pay UPI?

Amazon has launched its Amazon Pay UPI services to compete with other UPI apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, etc. You need to set up the Amazon Pay UPI to avail its various benefits in the form of cashback. After enabling the Amazon Pay UPI you can send money from Amazon.



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